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Marquee Rentals:
$10 simple message (Happy Birthday/Mother's day/Father's day, Prom? Marry Me?)
$20 long message (May the force be with you, Jared - Happy Birthday!)
Please visit the theater to book the marquee.

Private Party Rentals start at $180 for off hour rentals up to 2hours, or the length of 1 film, for up to 30 people (Lower concession prices on some items, 30 popcorns and marquee rental Included).

The theater is also available for business rentals. Please email for specific dates and times, availability. or call us at (425) 672-9366.


Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend: Jazz Fest! Join us for good music all day raising funds for our own Edmonds Rotary!

About us

In 2012, The Edmonds Theater invested in the future of cinema, by bringing full Digital Projection into our auditorium. As more and more movie distributors move to digital-only formats, independent theaters will be threatened by the inability to gain access to movies no longer distributed in film format. We decided many years ago to start planning for that day, and we are proud to offer you one of the best visual and sounding cinematic experiences in a single-screen auditorium

Located at 415 Main Street, the Edmonds Theater is located in the heart of the downtown shopping and business district. A close walk from the Edmonds waterfront, the theater is surrounded by many restaurants, retail shops and coffee houses. Browse the art galleries at Cole Gallery or Gallery North, take in a pre-movie dinner at El Puerto, Thai Cottage or Rusty Pelican, pop in for a quick glass of wine at Daphnes and complete your evening with a wonderful cupcake at Red Petal Cakes.

Whatever your pleasure, you’ll find it in Edmonds. Thank you for joining us!

Contact us at or (425) 672-9366.

415 Main Street, 98020 Edmonds, Washington.
For showtime information, call (425) 778-4554. For other inquiries, please call us at (425) 672-9366.

$6 Children/Matinee/Tuesdays, $7 Students/Seniors, $8 General/Adult
Free bag of popcorn for children. Wednesdays: $3 unlimited popcorn.